Sunday, August 21, 2005

I am the gas queen.

I never thought I would be the gas queen. I burp day and night right now. Very long burps too. The progesterone I am taking is making me very burpy and crampy. I hope the spermies did a good job and found the egg or this is just tortuous to be on the hormones and trying to build up the lining of my uterus for nobody. We don't care what the sex is most of the time, but have moments dreaming about a boy and then about a girl. Girl names have been easier to come up with some we like, boys have been harder but we finally got a few we like. We won't share the names until the naming ceremony or the bris seven days after birth--so don't ask--we won't tell. :) I have been good about drinking more water and Diana carried in the heavy groceries today, just in case I shouldn't lift too much. I don't know when I am supposed to start avoiding things but am trying to be good. So now I won't drink the diet soda I had switched to to reduce the empty calories--I wish Coke would make a diet with Splenda that was also caffeine free. And I wish other diet sodas were made with Splenda. will be over a week before we know if the insemination "took" or not, so in the meantime we are trying to keep busy without being baby obsessed--I don't think it is working. :)

Monday, August 15, 2005

Spermies! How fun!

Hey, I know it has been forever since my last post. I certainly have been overwhelmed by groups both observing and being involved in them. Everyday all summer I have been in at least one group and sometimes at least two. I have felt mostly brain-dead by the afternoon and trying to do paperwork. So now that the groups are over it was nice to stroll around upstairs on my floors and visit with patients and staff too. Very cool. But the coolest thing is the title above. I completed the medical tests needed and we picked a great sperm donor. Diana and I actually had the little critters placed in me over the weekend and now we wait and see if they found the surprise egg hiding in the tube! We are not sharing it with lots of people yet--but yeah I figure if you are still checking to see if there is new news on this blog--you deserve to know! So we should know something by the end of August. We will either be getting geared up to do it again in Sept. or jumping for joy that I am pregnant. What an amazing process. Diana (and I) will make a great mom and I can't wait. I have mostly finished painting the baby room and she is willing to finish it if I do get pregnant right away. If we aren't and need to try again next month, then I will finish painting and be able to have diet soda and wine again for 2 weeks. (The wine and soda are not to be consumed together in the same glass, in case you were wondering. :) I will update y'all soon as we know.