Monday, April 11, 2005

Out of sorts

I am a bit out of sorts today at work. Gram is in the hospital and we were stressed yesterday at how badly she was doing. Today is a better day for her and I am very thankful. I am working overnight tonight--so I am tired and don't want to be here. I am hoping for a slow night and maybe Diana can visit and bring me healthy dinner. Otherwise I will go to MickeyDee's for sure. I hear the fries and hot fudge sundae calling!! I realized today that I have not been to a funeral since my mother's and it is easier personally to be in the hospital dealing with other's experiences of death--and being able to walk away from the situation in an hour or so. I guess that is normal, but I dislike the feeling nonetheless. I took a nap and hope that helps my mood, otherwise it is better for me to not visit patients unless necessary. I will miss her when it is time for her to transition from this life. She is an amazing woman and the generations that come from her are as well. I was reflecting on how beautiful the whole family is and I was in awe of her descents. I am proud to be in this family.