Saturday, July 08, 2006

More photos...

Photo with other preggie cousins

Here is a picture from White Lake of the three latest preggie women. Clearly I am on the left. Gabs is next to me and her due date is three days after mine! And the last woman is due in two weeks, but getting a scheduled C next week. Gabs and I are experiencing our first pregnancy and for Sari this is her second. We had a lot to talk about which was great fun!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Another preggie picture

Here's a picture from 6/29/06 that we have been meaning to post. Tummy is getting bigger with that babygirl! I will post ones with me in my bathing suit and with to two other preggie cousins when I get them from family members.

Vacation so far...

Well, we only have a few days left of vacation. It is amazing how quickly it goes by. Diana and I both did some work today. I am trying to write up notes so that when I need to write up my final evals for my interns I have started something on each one so it wouldn't take me forever. I want to finish them before the baby comes which leaves me only three weeks after the unit stops. Other supervisions generally take longer to get them all done--so I figure I really need to be diligent and focused to accomplish my goal. So I have written quiet a bit for one student so far and then decided to take a computer break. The baby continues to be active and squirming around off and on throughout the day and night. I feel her more at night now than I did in the past. I had a major leg cramps last night, but am glad it was only in one leg and not both like the last time. And I am glad for the long span between the last cramp and this one. I have been taking an extra iron supplement as the blood work showed my iron was low but my sugar was good. So I am glad for not having gestional diabetes! But sad that I have been so tired lately and didn't need to be if I only knew my iron was so low. I have hardly napped at all on vacation since upping my iron. I have even been able to stay up late, which will be difficult to readjust when it is time to go back to work. :) My proposals seem to have been approved at work. I will carry over any vacation days I have left (up to 5). I will take 10 days paid vacation and then the rest of my 6 weeks of leave as unpaid time. The whole fall unit, Sept to December, I will work part-time. This will be difficult financially, but I think I will need to time with the baby before jumping right back into work full-time. Plus I think she will like being taking care of at home better those first few months by Diana and I then the day care center. :) Come Jan, I will return to work full-time and babygirl will attend day care hopefully through Diana's job. The one affiliated with Northside is a little too expensive, so that is our back-up plan. I have enjoyed swimming and using a friend's bathing suit. I enjoy the feeling less of the baby weight when in the water--it is a bit of a drag when I get out and feel how heavy she really is. (She just kicked me as I wrote that--I guess she has something to say about that!) Today is breezy and too chilly to swim, hopefully tomorrow will be warm enough to go in again. Okay--I guess I better go this computer break has been longer than I planned, plus I have to goto the bathroom again. Heehee.