Saturday, February 24, 2007

Feb is almost over already!

I can't believe it is the last little bit of the month already. Time is flying by! Lynn is shy of 6 months and we started her on rice cereal two days ago. She seems to like it--both eating it and wearing it. :) Lynn continues to be a very happy baby and I count us very lucky to have such an easy baby. She is doing well at "school". She sits up unsupported for long periods of time and uses both hands to play with her toys. We can see the outline of two teeth on her bottom gums--so we expect them to pop out anytime now. Lynn has been drooling and chewing on her teething rings for a while as well. She is big enough to sit up on the baby bath tub and I will try her soon in the blow-up duck one she got as a gift. Well, off to play with Lynn and Diana as one just woke up and the other came home from working today. Can you guess who is who?