Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I love this picture--my hair has already grown back a great deal. But this makes me want to cut if all off again. I look better without hair. Isn't that weird?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

July video

This is Lynn during our July vacation.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Here's a look at the swing set coming for Lynn

This is the swing set we are getting-without the slide and monkey bars. Nice wood and very stable set. Picture from King of Swings in Duluth, GA website.

Sorry so long since last post...

I am having trouble posting today. I wrote one out and it disappeared--hate that. Anyways...Diana and I have been busy with work, house stuff, playing with Lynn, weekend plans with friends, etc. We went a couple of weekends looking for a nice wood swing set, as Grandpa Norm and Grandma Shelly want to give Lynn one for her first birthday. Actually I am pretty excited about this gift--she loves swinging and was laughing in the store just trying it out. She also seemed to get a little afraid but before I could slow the swing down, she would break out laughing--so I wonder if she is getting that lose your stomach feeling and isn't sure what to think of it. Very cute. So her birthday is only three weeks away now--crazy! Last year at this time, I went on bed rest due to the high blood pressure--sure doesn't feel like it was a whole year ago. I finished my summer group on Friday and now need to write their final evaluations. I had a great group and will miss working with them. Three will return for residency this fall and one of my past spring students will be back too. So I will get to see most of them daily for the next year. I think the other two will stay in touch and that will be fun. Diana and I will have them over to the house for a party in a few weeks. They will be the first group I have ever had over--so you know they were a good group! Lynn was absolutely adorable today. She was in a good mood most of the day, drank her milk better with her new sippy cups, walked with her toy (see pic), and giggled a bunch for Diana and I when we played with her on the bed in the afternoon. I love when she giggles like that--makes me laugh too. Today we barely had to touch her thighs and tummy to get her laughing--what fun! She continues to be one of the best things I ever have done, besides marrying Diana! :)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lynn's friend from down the street, Anna. (In case the video still won't post--you can check it out for yourself. very cute! Here's Lynn's friend Anna, crawling around quite quickly and talking too! What fun!