Sunday, July 29, 2007

Craig's List a hit again!

So...last weekend when we came home from buying Diana's new car, I said let's put it on Craig's list. Diana was busy reading Harry Potter, of course, and it was hard to distract her for a few minutes to help me make a basic ad up for her old car. She helped and within a few minutes we listed her car and planned to add pics the next morning after she washed the car. After lunch, we checked email and found someone was interested--long story short--sold the car that afternoon quick and easy. So Diana run in the house that evening all excited to list something else to sell. We listed the dog kennel. Although we hope to get another dog when we are ready--we plan on getting one big enough to not be able to squeeze out of the fence. And with the weather so hot here, I am not as comfortable using the kennel as I had been up north. So we listed it. Finally posted pics today, but it was too late as the guy on his way bought it and took it home right away. So now Diana is excited and looking all around the house for what else we are not using and decluttering the house--which is great! Nothing big left to sell, just small things. Diana's students came over today for a cook out. Very fun as usual--love this end of the year parties. She has some great students. And one couple has a cutie boy, only six weeks old. What a munchkin! It was great when he fell asleep on my shoulder for a while. Lynn enjoyed the numerous people to play with as the students all enjoyed seeing her awake and very playful. All in all a good weekend. Especially with babies! I worked some more on my theology paper and Diana has spent some time proofing it for me. I am almost done with it and hope to move onto the next paper very soon. I think I will tackle the personality paper next. Tiem to get ready for the week ahead. Peace my friends.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The new car and a very happy Diana

Here's a picture of Diana and Ramael from Curry Honda--great salesman. He actually drove the car to our house so we won't disrupt Lynn's sleeping schedule or get a baby sitter on short notice. Love the color!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Busy car weekend...

...I planned on writing in here this weekend, as was as doing a lot of chores around the house--but the car stuff took more time than I had accounted for. It has been a good weekend in all. Diana bought a Honda Civic and we are waiting for the color we picked to come in on the truck--shoudl be any day now. And surprise, surprise--we sold the Tercel through Craig's List on Sunday. We had posted it late Saturday night and hadn't even gotten a picture up with it and this guy emailed that he was interested. Sure enough he bought it yesterday! Wow!! Amazing!! We thought we might have a hard time selling it--but not as all. And we got three times what the Honda dealer was going to give us! Yippie! Tiny drawback is now we are down to one car and it made things a little complicated, but we worked it out. How fun! Can't wait for the new car to arrive and be in our driveway. It will be so much easier to put Lynn in with a 4 door car. And she was a doll this weekend, even after spending hours and hours at the car dealers. She is/was a real trooper!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Additional cute photos.

Lynn is having so much fun on the swing and learning how to rock her rocking chair. I can't believe she figured out how to rock in it within seconds already. Smart girl!

Feeling like a bachelor.

I know I should feel like a bachelorette, but it doesn't. I guess I feel more like a bachelor when Diana isn't home because I don't eat as well and usually end up watching more TV or playing computer games than doing something productive--stereotypical single male behavior. And the fun part--I am going to go out with the girls a few times this week as well. Thought about trying a strip club, but they are all too cheesy and sketchy for me. Guess I am a woman after all! Ha! So tomorrow a friend and I will hit the pool hall and Friday night another friend and I will hit somewhere else. In the meantime, Diana and Lynn have been enjoying their vacation time with more swimming and swinging. Lynn seems to recognize my voice on the phone which is neat. And Diana is enjoying the lake and time with family which is great. I am okay with them being away and haven't been the basket case I expected I would be--but it is getting old and I look froward to having them home soon. I miss hugging them so much the stuffing comes out! In the meantime, I have been not so bachelor like and have done shopping and straightening out around the house. Next on my mental list is laundry, vacuuming, yard work, and more straightening. Today we have been married three years--I thought it was four, because I feel we have shared so much, it feels like it can't be so little time. Nevertheless, I love my wife and look forward to spending many more years together. Enough time that we barely remember being without each other. :) Note: the family picture is awesome isn't it?!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lynn on the swing

Can't figure out why this pic is sideways--isn't in iphoto, but alas it is here. She loved it and looks so big compared to the previous time we took her to a swing.

Vacation--first days.

She is all tuckered out after her first swim in White-Lake.