Wednesday, March 29, 2006

3rd doctor visit

We loved the doctor we got today. What a difference when you have someone who is confident and comfortable in her own ability--you automatically feel more comfortable. She was very friendly and comfortable with Diana and I. She even had Diana do the doppler thing to find the baby's heartbeat. Diana did great and found it right away and we got to hear it swishing and thumping away!!! I am so glad and relieved. We did the triple screen today and will have genetic testing in two weeks so we are moving along nicely. In a couple of weeks, we hope to know the gender of the baby too!! Now, I can turn my focus to the committee meeting happening tomorrow morning and keep myself calm. I think I will pass but I am still nervous about it. I am thrilled Diana is coming up tonight too to offer her support and backrub if my muscles are all knotted up. My wife is trully so amazing. Thank G-d, she and I found each other when we did--changed my life forever. I couldn't be happier making a baby with her!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Doing fine...

I am doing fine and thought I just should update everyone. I hate when others don't update their blogs and yet I am just as guility. I feel better--headache was definetly due to allergies and continues to plague me daily. Did I tell you the great bargain I got on Ebay? Well, for $40 including shipping, I found maternity clothes--3 pairs of pants and 8 tops. I am wearing one of the new pairs of pants. They are a little big on me but they won't be for long and they are more comfortable than my usually pants with my "squirt" sticking out of my belly already. It is more noticeable to people at work that I am pregnant. So these days I am happy to be showing and don't feel fat at all. I am also getting excited about my meeting next week. I hope to get the approval to move to the next level in my training and be able to run groups without my supervisor present in the room with me. Very cool if it goes well--that would mean the summer intern group would be my first group! Anyways...I better go, I have a meeting across the street and need to get ready to head over.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Just know I am okay...

I started to feel sick on Thursday and tried to sleep it away which usually works. I had a very bad headache, sensitive skin and muscle/joint aches. Went to work on Friday morning feeling a little bit better, but it got worse all morning, so I went home early. Slept all afternoon and then felt worse by evening. Finally, I took my temperature and found I was running a low grade fever. Since it didn't seem to be going away, I called the nurse medical line and they told me to take Tylenol and call back if anything got worse or if it stayed the same for several days. I didn't feel good all day Saturday. The pain reliever helped bring down the fever and take away the aches, which I was glad so we didn't have to cancel the game night planned for Diana's birthday. I slept all day, basically--so I was able to have fun with our friends. The pizza and games were fun and I think Diana had a good time. I feel much better today so we went out for breakfast--which was very good. And we strolled around some stores we needed odds and ends at and came home. I read a little and then fell asleep while Diana did some work. All and all a good weekend. I am just so glad to be feeling better and to have the assurance that the low fever should not affect the baby at all. It did scare me a bit but we are good now. No fever since Saturday morning. This week is not too busy for me--the weekend has lots of fun stuff coming up. Although I will be glad to get my haircut on Thursday. The weekend plans include brunch with Diana's cousin and then baptism at our friends house. Fun! Fun!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Just Quick Update

Nothing new to report. Baby is growing and making my tummy pop out quite a bit. I needed to start wearing my maternity pants this week and all my shirts untucked as well. I am 14 weeks now or 3 1/2 months along. It feels so slow day by day and yet also feels like it is moving so quickily--I am afraid it will be over too soon. I want to enjoy each aspect of the pregnancy. My anxiety is lessened which helps me enjoy the pregnancy more. I am excited about Diana's birthday celebration this weekend and then on Monday her actually birthday as well. Talk with you soon!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

2nd prenatal appointment

Well, my iron level is good which is great. I took the glucose test today since I have the insulin resistance thing going to keep a check on my sugar levels. It wasn't as bad as I expected. The mid-wife seems better on the phone than in person. She really wasn't bad today--I just find these appointments to be somewhat frustration when I hope for them to be so meaningful. We were hoping to hear the heartbeat and we did for 5 seconds before the peanut moved. The little sweetpea won't sit still long enough for us to get another listen. That was disappointing to me. Then she pulled out the ultrasound but she really isn't good with it and then had an allergy attack--so we got a quick look and then it was over. Oh, well...I am struggling with my anxiety and wanting to believe the baby will be okay. I was hoping the doctor's visit would help reduce my anxiety. But it didn't really help much, expect she did seem to understand it and talked to us a bit about it. We go again in three weeks for the triple screening test, so the time will go by quickly. I want to enjoy the pregnancy more than I have lately, but sounds like it won't happen till we know the baby has no birth defects. We will know that after our visit on week 18 with the perinatologist.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Feeling better now that 2nd trimester is here

I am less nauseous for the past week, which is wonderful. I really have been lucky my "morning sickness" hasn't been that bad to begin with. I am still sleepy a lot but also not as bad as a couple of weeks ago. Diana is home from the latest conference and we plan on doing some yard work. Although, I feel sleepy after a big breakfast. :) Maybe later I will nap. We hope to go window shopping this weekend for baby things. And the next highlight is Wednesday we have our 2nd prenatal doctor visit and hope the heartbeat is audible! Anyways...I am off to get ready to go work in the yard now...I want to enjoy the sun and 60 degree temps--we haven't seen the sun on a weekend for weeks now. Plus I want to check out that huge bunny that is sitting in our backyard sunning itself!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Here's a good look at the baby.

It's amazing to see the bones of the face and the spine too. Those white patches are hands and knees! How adorable!!