Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The New Year...complete with major changes

Well, the New Year has started. Lynn is 4 months old and off to "school" or better known as day care. She actually adjusted quite well, although in the first week, she didn't eat much. That has changed and she eats just fine there now. Lynn is experiencing her first day care cold, but really her second cold in her life. This one is more of a icky cough. She decided to share it with Mama this time as I got the first one. So nice of her to share at a young age! Anyways...I returned to full time work and started supervising an intense January 1/2 CPE term with three students. 7 overnights this month is kicking their butts as they are halfway through it. It has been a great experience so far. Breastfeeding continues to go well for Lynn and me. I had trouble at first getting used to pumping at work 3x a day and finding the space to do so. Now I am more comfortable and have found the lactation room at the hospital that I can use as well. Lynn is able to sit up better and loves to try to stand with support as well. She is very alert and engaging with other people. Often she laughs and smiles, and occasionally we can get her to really giggle much to our delight. We moved Lynn to her own room and crib this past Sunday. She is sleeping better now and we are too but still waking up waiting to see when she is in need of a feeding, etc. I put her down for a much needed nap this afternoon--and she is still sleeping 2 hours later. Mind you she cried for the first twenty five minutes. Her day care lost power today, so I had to pick her up before lunch time. She enjoyed coming to my job for a little bit and then I left early (half day). Since I couldn't stay at work and really needed tires, I used the opportunity to get tires for my car. now I feel much safer having Lynn with me in the car, especially with rain and possible ice coming tonight into the morning. This is why her nap schedule was all off and she needed sleep badly. Oh well. Hopefully she will wake up soon so I can feed her and have some time to engage her before it is past her normal bedtime or worse she struggles to go to sleep again for hours. :(