Monday, February 27, 2006

Preparing for the 2022?

We got a good look at our next ultrasound on Friday, the 24th. The baby is already 44mm long and has a heartbeat of 163! Not only that--the baby has jumping around in his/her water bubble! Is this a gymnast in the making? It was amazing to see the pulsing umbilical cord just above the baby's body as well. I love ultrasounds--they are hard to see anything it at first, but then it becomes clear. We could see the baby's face, spine, little legs and arms moving about. And tomorrow is the beginning of week 12 and we enter the second trimester--how exciting!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Told the news to my father

Well, I decided it was time to try to call my father to let him know about the baby. I wasn't sure what would happen, since when I call and leave a message--he doesn't usually call me back. But surprisingly, he did just a few minutes after I left him a message. So I told him that come September, he will be a grandfather. He was surprised and then wanted to know who was carrying the baby. He also was surprised to hear it was me. It was good to talk with him--I think that last time we talked was on Father's Day. I was glad to hear that he was excited about it and thought it was important enough to write down. It is also good to know he is trying new things to help with his memory. It will be interesting to see if he wants to come visit when the baby is born--I can't even guess what he will want to do.

Monday, February 06, 2006

We seem to have a verdict from today's look

Well, we had our first prenatal appointment today. Although we were not impressed with the midwife, the appointment was good. The baby that was only 5mm two weeks ago is now a whopping 22mm--almost an inch! And the other possibilities, well seem to be gone as best as we could see today. So, we are indeed having one healthy baby, which is great news! We are not having twins or triplets which is good news as the dangers would be very high for me and the babies too. It is also a little sad as it was fun to daydream about having more than we ever expected. But overall, we are relieved. We were not sure how we could swing having three kids so quickly and me having to miss work before the birth and for some time after the birth. Last week, it was hard to feel connected to the baby(ies) as I wasn't clear who was inside growing. Now it will be easier to focus on just our one peanut. Pregnancy symptoms: desire for milk--alot, some nausea, very tired, bloated, and did I mention tired?!