Monday, January 23, 2006

Interesting news

The ultrasound was amazing this morning. The baby's heart beat could be seen and even counted! I am amazed that at this early stage to be able to see the baby's heart as a flicker on the screen. 136 beats which is great! Now the weird part and this is the part we are not telling everyone but I need to talk about it somewhere. We knew there was a possible second follicle when I ovulated, but weren't sure it was a healthily one. Well, in today's ultrasound we could see two sacs. One clearly had what is called a fetal pole and the strong heart beat. The other was harder to see as it is behind the other sac. So we couldn't see the flicker long enough to see if it really is there and beating properly. The waiting will be hard. I don't know if we can be excited about having twins or not, since we don't know it that second sac is viable and my next ultrasound will be two weeks from now. More waiting. I think this might be a pattern this waiting stuff. Oh, and the real kicker. That second sac has two yolks in it as well. The fetus lives off a yolk sac until the placenta is ready. So that twin b might be twins themselves which would make me having triplets not just twins. :) Oh, my gawd--can you say it with me--oh, my gawd! So Diana and I are trying to not get ahead of ourselves, because jumping from one baby to three is a huge leap. There is a high chance the twin b (which might be twins in of itself) will not be viable and will vanish before the next ultrasound. It we can be healthy, me and the babies we are game for anything (with God's help). Remember how I couldn't tell if the baby wanted to be called sweetpea or peanut? Well, maybe now we know. And when I posted this morning before the test, I thought about squirt as another possible name--so who knows-0-maybe we will have a sweetpea, peanut, and a squirt!! Oye!!

Ho, hum...I'm sooo tired.

I worked an overnight last night and was busy during the night. Only 3 hours of sleep! Yuck!!! I can't wait to get home to crash and sleep the day away. The good thing is before I sleep there is the stop at the docks office to get an ultrasound and see the little sweetpea or peanut. We might even be able to see the heart beating at this point too! That is way cool! I'll post later when I am up to it what the news is for the day. P.S. Take note of the countdown at the bottom of my blog too if you haven't seen it yet.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Things still going well

I am sorry I haven't written much for the past week and some. I have been busy at work with overnights and presentations too. As far as the pregnancy--I am feeling pretty good. Less gas and bloating--which is nice. No stomach sickness only very light nausea when my stomach is empty and it is the middle of the night. So the only troubling side effect is the sleepiness. I am usually fine with it, until overnights mess with my night sleep. So the last few nights I have had trouble falling asleep. Very frustrating. The good part is next month I won't be on many overnights and can get back to a normal routine. Sunday night I am on-call again which I am not happy about, but Monday we get our first ultrasound and hope to see the baby's heartbeat! Yippee!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Continued good news...

Well, I took my second blood test yesterday to check on the HCG levels. I am well within the healthy range so the seedling is doing fine as best as we can tell so early. I am only 5 weeks preggie. Next week or so, we will get our first ultrasound to see how the little sweetpea is settling up shop which will be very exciting. I am so sleepy today as I was wake for quite a bit in the middle of the night last night. I can't wait to take a nap in the backroom after lunch. I am working on-call tonight so I need to try to get rest before everyone else leaves the hospital and I am the only one here to cover anything that comes up. I hope the night will be boring so I can rest and not be worried about running around the halls all night. I am still very excited and am still at times unbelieving that I am pregnant--what an amazing process this is to have a little person inside of me and yet it is only the size of a sesame seed! Later it will be a million times that and running round talking, walking, driving, working....I am getting ahead of myself now. :) Anyway...I should eat lunch now. Talk with you soon.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

THE Call finally came!

Just before noon, I got the call we are pregnant. We are only 4 weeks so it is very early. Next week I will have another blood test to confirm the baby is growing as it should. And then in a week or so from then--I can get my first ultrasound to be sure baby is in the right place. The news is still sinking in and we are amazed. We are very thankful and feel very fortunate to have made it to this stage. Happy New Years! Here is the picture of the unrine test kit with the "pregnant" phrase you might be able to see, our pregnancy calender, our first baby stuffed animal, and our baby' first knitted hat too! Now you can see how silly we were this morning!

Still waiting but have some good news...

It's before 9 AM and I am crazy with waiting for THE phone call to tell us the results of the blood work. In the meantime, I said I had some good news. Diana and I did another home test this morning and it still read "pregnant". We will post a picture later. I know it is silly--should have seen us running around trying to find the camera at 6:30 this morning. :) We are goofy right now. Hopefully soon, I will post again with more info.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Very interesting news....and more waiting

Well, Diana and I were told we had to wait until Monday before we could get a blood test to see if I was pregnant or not. Of course with the holiday, the lab was closed and Tuesday would be the first day to get blood work done. And we were told not to do a home test until Wednesday since I had the hormone shot. Well, my cramps were so strange as I mentioned in the previous blog, that we decided to do a home test and we understand there was a higher chance of getting a fake positive. We figured if the test was negative, then I really wasn't pregnant and could stop the hormone and my period could then start. (I hope you all can follow this logic of ours). Anyway, the test was "positive", we didn't chance anything and tried to remember that it could be a false positive as it was earlier than we were instructed to try. This morning it was also "positive", we decided to do some research on-line and to get the blood work done today afterall. The results won't be known until tomorrow. The internet talked about being able to test by day 14 after the shot, which was on Sunday. The clinic we work with seems to be conservative in their advice, so we are hopeful right now. Actually, I haven't been able to get much done at work since I went for the blood work and even Diana was been quite silly as well. We even looked up when the possible due date might be--how silly of us!! And the funny this is, my cramps are better today. I am still having weird pains and tightness in my stomach, but not as bad the cramping--so weird. Diana found someone in her office who had a similar experience thinking she wasn't pregnant since she was cramping like with PMS. So tomorrow, I have warned my supervisor--I may be flying on the ceiling or laying low on the floor depending on the test results. I can't help but get excited at the possible news.

Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year and a new look!

Well, I decided on a whim to change the look of the blog. I am at work once again while everyone else gets to be home playing. So I am playing at work. I have the phones in case there is an emergency and am letting Karen get some sleep--too bad she is sick with cold too. I have paperwork to do but am having much more fun changing my page around. I am still have cramps which started last week, so I don't think I am pregnant. The problem is the hormones I am taking in case I am keep my period from coming and I can't test until Wednesday to see if I am pregnant or not to then stop the pills. So I am stuck in perpetual PMS for a few more days. Yuck. And the hormones, make my period heavier and the cramps too. I would love to take Advil, but can't in case I am with baby. See the lovely cycle I am stuck in. :( Oh well. I worked overnight again last Friday night. I had three baby losses and one very premature baby be born. The three losses were 6, 12 and 26 weeks along. The premie was breach and 23.4 weeks along. I am amazed the baby is still alive today, but he is so far. I was thrilled to be able to go into the OR to watch him being born--very cool even with all the complications. My first time in the OR and first time watching a baby be born. I am so tired from 3 overnights in a 1 1/2 weeks and traveling during the holidays too. I can't wait until I feel caught up. But I have another overnight this Saturday, so I am figuring the catching up won't come anytime soon. Oh well, by the weekend I will either be happily pregnant or done with my period and drinking wine again. :) Talk with you soon I hope. And don't be shy--leave a comment.