Friday, May 26, 2006

5 1/2 months and cruising along

Had our 24th week check-up today. Baby's heartbeat around 156--sounds strong! Everything's going well. I have gained more weight than expected the last two weeks, so I will start watching my carbs better again just to be on the safe side. Blood pressure was fine today and no recent dizziness. Work has been going better--less stressful. New interns start on Wednesday so I will get busy soon, but it will be fun and give me energy.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Doing fine.

I have been fine and enjoying no more overnights. No more dizziness or any other problems. The week has been busy, but I have taken time to rest whenever I needed to. Nothing else special going on. Relaxing this weekend with Diana's student over for lunch and then dinner with co-workers. Tomorrow work in the yard and rest--sounds perfect!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Strangest On-call...

I wasn't sure what to title this note--I want to draw in the reader but not scare ya to death either. I worked part of my last on-call last night. Around 8 PM, I almost fainted while talking to a patient. After I composed myself and the dizziness and nausea past I went and had my blood pressure checked. It wasn't crazy high, but it was high enough for me to scare me. I have been scoring around 112/60 throughout my pregnancy. At 8 PM, I was 143/73. I had it taken again twice later and it was similar 141/80 and 134/78. I tried to visit another patient call after the dizziness before I got some medical attention--I felt responsible to fulfill my duty. However, I did call my doctor's hotline and my supervisor right after that to find out what to do and get a replacement for me at work. Turns out, my insurance sent me to my own hospital to get checked out by the doc on-call. I didn't need to be admitted but it was weird to feel like as patient in an area I am usually ministering to people in. The doc and nurses were great. Diana met me and took me home since I wasn't sure I should drive at that point. Went to my usual doc this morning instead of work--pressure is back to normal and they said no more on-calls. The whole thing freaked me out a little--I am not used to this new version of me and it's limits (and blessings). Baby is fine, they checked last night and this morning and she is still thumping away.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

We are at 22 weeks--almost 5 months!

Friday is 5 months and we are surprised how much I am showing. I seemed to pop a little more this weekend. My tummy is now bigger than my chest! The babygirl is quite active throughout the day and sometimes I feel her at night. Most days I am happy to be pregnant, a few days I feel slight uncomfortable aspects of pregnancy, and then there are other days I absolutely love being pregnant. I am really falling in love with this baby and am eager too hold her and see her face and kiss her little toes and nose! Time is flying by, so I want to treasure each step of this process. It is easier to not worry as much when I feel her moving around so much now--what a treat for me to feel her move around!