Sunday, June 25, 2006

Time is flying by!

I knew it had been a awhile since I lasted posted, but didn't realize it was a whole month already! I have been very busy with the new intern students of mine. My group of five have been a pleasure and challenge as they went through orientation and worked on settling into the process. I was surprised at how much energy it took from me and how little free time I have at work. Combining this with being 28 weeks pregnant--I have been very tired. I feel fine with the pregnancy overall and have had no new dizzy incidents. Let's see, how can I best update you on the progress. Four weeks ago, started sleeping with a body pillow borrowed from a new mommy friend. Very nice, does limit bed space. Diana is very understanding. :) Three weeks ago, the baby started kicking and punching harder--Diana can feel it much easier. Two weeks ago, the baby moved around much harder and I can see the movement as my stomach moves! Holy mackerel! That is weird! This week, I put on my overall shorts that I previously "swam" in and they now fit with only a little bit of room left. I have expanded more than I realized. Had my 28 week prenatal appointment on Friday. Found out the baby is already head down and will most likely stay that way being my first baby. Took my second basic sugar test as well and haven't heard anything so I am hoping I have passed it again. I was worried my sugar might be off, so I am very happy that I haven't heard from the doctor with bad news. Now we start going to the OB every two weeks. But with vacation, we will put it off until three weeks--it will be at 31 weeks. My weight again has been great and I have gained mostly in my tummy region and look like I have an almost perfectly round basketball. People at work are confused with my not sharing the baby's name, especially the new interns. They are trying to trip me up so I will blurt out the name--very funny! Our showers are coming up soon now. During vacation will be our first with family and friends at White-Lake. I am so excited to see people there and see their amazement in how I look. How exciting. And to swim and have cooler temperatures then down here will be great too. It is often too hot for me and I can't stay outside for long. I think I will try to take MARTA next month but I think August I need to drive myself, it will be too uncomfortable on public transportation for me. People at least are willing to offer their seats to me now. But it is often too crowed and too hot. Plus the walk to and from the station is getting harder on me too. My feet and pelvic bones hurt with too much walking or time on my feet. I am definitely in my last trimester and feeling the effects of being pregnant and in the last stage. I will try to keep you better updated with the progress.