Sunday, October 30, 2005

Happy Halloween!!! Oooooooh!

Happy Halloween! Here's Diana and my handiwork for your enjoyment. Looks great outside and the seeds came out wonderful.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Sugar busters and meds...

Well, no follicle this month--so we can assume the meds I was on to help with ovulation weren't enough. Therefore we are now onto new things. A diet to reduce sugars and bad carbs which get turned into sugar and medication to get rid of those pesky cysts on the ovaries. I didn't realize how much carbs I eat and like until I started to pay attention to cut them down as much as possible. I am wimpy when it comes to changing my food. I like so little to began with, it is hard to make changes and cut things out. I will do what I can and see what happens. The weather is great here right now. I spent time outside this weekend, still mowing the lawn and picking up leaves everywhere. Spent two hours and had to stop my back was killing me. The yard looks better, so I am happy. Went shopping after visiting a friend at Super Target!!! Ooooooh, very nice. Very big store! We shan't go there often, spent too much. :) Love ya all--chat later.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Week is not as busy as we hoped...

Well, the week has been busy work wise and emotionally with taking in the feedback from the consultation and work-related issues. But here it is Saturday morning--had hoped to be ready for insemination today, but haven't scored higher than low fertility so far on the monitor. I wonder if I will ovulate at all this month. If nothing happens by Monday, I will go in for an ultra sound and see if there is any follicles or not. I could be running later than the past few months--we hope. Other interesting news--I have been willing and even brain-wise able to play Scrabble lately--much to my wife's delight. The handicap points help me (sometimes) feel like I am not lost in her dust :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Monday went well

Except for the fact that it is 5:46 AM and I have been up since 4, I am fine. Yesterday the consultation went fairly well. I realized part of the way through that I was doing okay and handling their questions fine. I didn't always agree, but was able to say that without getting defensive. I usually struggle with getting defensive and did a great job not going there this time. They gave good feedback both in affirming my abilities and in tips in how to read something clearer. So all in all a good trip. Just wish I could get my brain to stop trying to process it over and over. I need to sleep to be able to be conscious in services today.