Sunday, June 24, 2007

Busy and fun weekend.

Well, yesterday we walked our little legs off walking through the booths at Gay Pride. Had lots of fun and Lynn enjoyed the ride through the crowd. Today we played at home and then went bathing suit shopping -which is always a struggle. Four stores later,we each have some suits to chose from to wear next week on vacation. Lynn never got a chance to sit in her pool this weekend. We were too busy. So I will leave it out and she can play in it tomorrow with the baby girl Anna from down the street. And somehow the weekend is over already and I didn't get done nearly as much as I needed to! Clothes need to be washed and put away. Need new sheets on the bed. And we need to start packing. Plus I haven't finished my own eval for this CPE unit due on Tuesday. Oye! What can I say!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Great weekend--swimming for Lynn!

This picture is of Lynn in her new tiny swimming pool in the backyard. She didn't like it at first but then got used to it and was splashing around and playing with some toys. Yesterday we took her to Diana's cousins house where they go swimming in their community pool. Lynn loved that water just fine, so it may be a temperature thing or that we were in the water with her in the big pool. Either way we are getting her used to water for our summer vacation which is already only weeks away! What fun we had watching her play with the water. And she slept great too after all that fun playing. We worked on those cabinet latches--what a pain in the butt! Got our bathroom cabinets done but got fed up with the drawers. Then Lynn was up from her nap and we had to move on to other things. I told Diana, we should start looking for a new house to buy that comes with these latches already installed. Oh well. We got more chores to catch up on. See ya soon.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Oh one more thing...

Lynn loves my shaved head!

Lynn had a bunch of firsts yesterday.

This weekend has been very eventful for Lynn. She had many firsts on Saturday--so you know she was a very busy girl! Let's see...where to start? Well, she has discovered that military style crawling is easier than to keep struggling to stay on her knees and she can get where she has been dying to go now. So...she has been moving around the floors quite well now and it doesn't matter if it is hardwood or rug and she is quite happy about her ability to move across rooms now on her own. She has figured out how to open the drawer in the kitchen that is at her level lying down. The one thing I haven't taken the time to install is those darn little cabinet and drawer thing-a-ma-jigs to keep her from being able to open them. Rats. I guess I have to work on them now. It seems like it will take forever to install them. Oh well. She has started pulling herself up at least to a kneeling position. She can't yet pull to full standing position but she sure wants to climb--now that is clear. She was able to move from lying on her stomach to a seated position with ease. And I think lastly, she was able to take some steps while I held her hands above her. In trying this before she has always fallen over and not been able to move her feet when prompted. So this is a big one! She enjoyed it for several steps a few times yesterday so we will continue to play with that. We have definitely crossed a new threshold and our lives will never be the same. She is mobile now and needs a new level of observation, especially in the kitchen. Oh how scary and wonderful at the same time. I took some photos of these firsts and will post them later when I get a chance to download them in between her activities and naps.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Important news to share...

well, Lynn is days short of turning nine months old. She has lived as long in the world as she did in the womb now! I got a major haircut to show my support and grief at the struggle a few of our friends are having with various types of cancer. It has been hard to hear their stories and not be able to do very much to help. So I did the walk-a-thon for breast cancer and vow to walk every year and then I shaved my head to support my supervisor in CPE as she loses her hair from the chemo. In case folks are worried I did this on a whim, know I thought about it and talked it over with several people including my supervisor to make sure she won't be offended before I had Mandi take it off for me. I don't regret it so far and Lynn seems to love playing with my head as an added bonus! Tomorrow I will see what my students and colleagues think in morning meeting. My sup will be in around noon and then she will have a chance to react too! I do hope to write in this blog more often, so don't completely give up on me--I shall return!